Roadshow is a traditional form of product marketing that offers numerous advantages. At CLMSC, however, we shy away from the ordinary. Our creative team works to conceptualise, plan and manage your roadshow to give you the edge, with an ongoing focus on cultivating consumer interest.

Unlike other agencies, our do-it-all holistic approach to product marketing means we can communicate your message across various channels, ensuring that your targets are at the foundations of our marketing strategy from conception to final delivery.

Our Roadshow Service Covers Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Exhibition Displays, Carnivals and other forms of Mobile Marketing, Including Mobile Billboard displays.

We work tirelessly to get your Product noticed across the country and to generate Genuine Consumer Interest.

Additional Roadshow services include:


Our concourse roadshow service places you and your product at the centre of the action. Here, we focus on product exposure within large crowds at destinations such as shopping centres and airports. The service is designed with individual goals and needs in mind, whether that includes direct sales or generating consumer interest.

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Sampling Activation

Our sampling activation service focuses on brand recognition. Using our expert team of in-house designers, we create a sampling booth that stands out from the crowd. We know from experience that product sampling is a great way to kick-start brand activation at the start of a product launch strategy. Working with your needs and goals in mind, we’ll design a marketing campaign that engages the customer.

Mobile Roadshow

Mobiel roadshow allows us to specifically target desired audiences at recognisable big-name events. These include carnivals, exhibitions and trade show promotions. The advantage of event marketing campaigns is its targeted approach, exposing your product to a specific group in order to achieve the desired results.

Our in-house team of experienced professionals will work with you to design all the necessary apparatus, as well as creating and managing an overall strategy that can achieve genuine brand recognition.

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