How long does it take to prepare an event?

Preparation time varies depending on the size of the event. However, as a guideline, the timeline from planning to execution is typically around six weeks.

Where can I have my event?

CLM operates nationally across the whole of Malaysia, capable of providing support, logistics and planning wherever it is needed. This includes East Malaysia.

How much does it cost me to run an event?

There are a number of variables that determine event cost. These include target audience, location and quality of venue (including indoor or outdoor).

For more information on event costs and budgets, please contact us through the information provided on our contact page.

Who takes care of my event?

Before an event starts one of our account managers will work with you to set everything out. This will include discussions to cover key details, such as price and your main goals for the event.

Once preparation starts, a project manager will keep you updated daily on the progress. The project manager will also assign an event executive, who will run the event and organise all of the logistics. Lastly, whilst the event is in operation, our event executives will give you regular result reports.

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